Cate Cahan

Senior Editor, Projects and Investigations Desk
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As the editor of WBEZ's Projects and Investigations desk, Cate works with reporters and producers to conceive and research stories, edits scripts and digital copy, and organizes long-term projects, including investigations and series. The desk has two reporters who cover education and criminal and legal affairs, a spunky researcher, and other reporters and producers who cycle in with their projects.  

Cate joined WBEZ in 1998 as editor for Eight Forty-Eight, then WBEZ's weekday morning newsmagazine. She's played a number of key roles here, including as interim news director and Metro editor of beat reporters in community bureaus, and in business, science, criminal and legal affairs, education, urban affairs and arts.  

Because she works with excellent reporters and producers Cate has received numerous local, regional and national awards. Before coming to WBEZ, Cate worked as editorial director and planning editor for the local CBS station, WBBM. She’s also been a magazine editor and worked as a newspaper reporter, which she still sometimes misses.

Cate has a M.A. in journalism from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a B.A. in English from Mundelein College. She and her husband Rich live in Evanston. They have four children and two [adorable] grandchildren, Maddie and Millie. 

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