Meaghan Glennan and Jason Rizzo

Freelance Producers

Meaghan Glennan and Jason Rizzo are the husband-and-wife duo behind WBEZ’s multimedia series, Kitchen Close-ups. The pair recently returned to Chicago after spending nine months abroad.While harvesting olives in Umbria, teaching music in Kenya and taking cooking classes in Sri Lanka, the two documented their travels through a series of audiovisual slideshows, which can be found on their blog.

Rizzo, an audio engineer, received his B.A. in Audio Arts & Acoustics from Colombia College, where he now teaches Audio for Visual Media. He has mixed audio and television spots for brands including McDonalds, Gatorade and Safeway. His film credits include Chicago Overcoat, among others.

Glennan, a writer and photographer, has a B.A. in Journalism from Loyola University. Her written work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times and Conscious Choice Magazine. She has also worked on projects for ESPN Networks, Fox News Chicago and ABC Radio. 

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