WBEZ FM presents "Changes in Reading and Writing"

Sunday, June 10, 2012 @ 1:30pm

Event Info


FREE - Reservations Required


University of Chicago - Fountain Room

525 South State St.





Chicago Public Media
848 E Grand Ave

WBEZ currated the following panelists to participate in Lit Fest as a part of our enterprise journalism project Front & Center. Panelists J.C. Gabel, Wailin Wong and Gretchen Kalwinski will have a lively discussion about "Changes in Reading and Writing" moderated by Donna Seaman.

Free tickets are required  Click here for more information.

This installment of Front & Center is all about "Literacy" and what role it plays in how we get through our day to day, what opportunities are available and how we read and write have changed. Learn about the issue and hear the stories already produced as a part of this series here.