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(Courtesy of AP)
A mushroom cloud rises above Bikini atoll in the Marshall Islands July 25, 1946 following an atomic test blast.

Feb. 23, 2012

Nick Angotti, executive director and co-founder of the Peace on Earth Film Festival, tells Worldview about the origins of the festival.  The festival open today in Chicago.  Also, documentary filmmaker Adam Horowitz discusses his festival entry “Nuclear Savage: The Islands of Secret Project 4.1," a film about U.S. nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands.  The islands were the site of U.S. human radiation experiments conducted during the Cold War.  And, WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy talks with Luis Alberto Urrea about his new novel The Queen of America, a follow-up to his earlier book The Hummingbird’s Daughter.  Both are inspired by the story of his real-life aunt Teresa or Teresita, a Mexican saint and revolutionary.