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Syrian army defectors stand guard on a rooftop to secure an anti-Syrian regime protest in Homs, Syria.

Feb. 27, 2012

More than 60 world leaders met in Tunis last week to address Syria’s escalating violence. The country has become a deadly place for both Syrians and foreign journalists. New Yorker staff writer Jon Lee Anderson reports from rebel-controlled areas in Syria. He’ll tell Worldview how he got inside and what he saw. Also, Burmese rubies account for over 90 percent of the global ruby trade. The U.S. bans the rubies because profits benefit Burma’s military junta. As the junta initiate reforms, will Burma’s gem trade regain legitimacy and return to the U.S.? Worldview talks with photographer Christian Holst, who spent time in Burma, and with Human Rights Watch researcher David Mathieson about how Burma’s ruby trade affects the country’s evolving political landscape.