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Corporate giant Coca-Cola latched on to the environmental movement by releasing their eco-friendly "Plantbottle" in 2010.

Apr. 11, 2012

More companies from Coca-Cola to Whole Foods to Pfizer are touting their projects that work to improve public health, the environment and other social problems around the world. Is this the sign of a new form of capitalism where profits are making room for social responsibility? Or is it just good old fashioned business sense with a fancy name? Worldview discusses corporate social responsibility (CSR) with Mark Kramer, senior fellow at the CSR Initiative at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Also, Worldview’s Global Notes contributor Catalina Maria Johnson tells Worldview about musical collaborations that were almost unimaginable until they actually happened. One involves a Cuban orchestra, a Palestinian oud trio and a pair of Mexican indie guitarists.