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The NSA's forthcoming Utah Data Center will hold databases able to contain bottomless swaths of information.

Apr. 12, 2012

The National Security Agency is building one of the most advanced and most secretive data collection centers in the world. With a price-tag of more than $2 billion, the Utah Data Center is slated to open in 2013 and is expected to house everything from cell-phone conversations and grocery receipts to ultra-encrypted messages passed between diplomats.

It aims to give the U.S. government “total information awareness.” Worldview talks with journalist James Bamford, who wrote about the project in Wired magazine, about the NSA’s ambitions and what they mean for Americans’ privacy and security.

Also, as the 2012 Global Activism Expo approaches, Worldview revisits BOSCO, an all-volunteer not-for-profit dedicated to bringing the internet to isolated rural areas in Northern Uganda and South Sudan.