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(AP/Paul White)
European auto demand has dried up under the pressure of government austerity measures, rising and persistent unemployment and the deepening of southern Europe's recession.

Apr. 24, 2012

Economic uncertainty continues to grow in Europe. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned after his coalition government failed to agree on new austerity measures. France sent a message to policymakers last weekend when Socialist candidate Francois Hollande, who's promised to delay balancing the budget, received the most votes in round one of the presidential elections. Worldview talks about possible remedies for Europe’s ailing economy with Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the Financial Times. Also, according to the UN High Commissioner on Refugees, of the 15 million refugees around the world, about 750,000 need resettling, with most ending up in the U.S. Worldview discusses the resettlement process with David Robinson, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, and Greg Wangerin, executive director of Chicago’s RefugeeOne.