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(AP Photo/Michel Spingler)
French President Nicolas Sarkozy faces an uphill battle for reelection against Socialist challenger Francois Hollande in this weekend's presidential election.

May. 03, 2012

As the presidential election in France approaches this Sunday, Socialist candidate Francois Hollande is only slightly ahead of current president and conservative party leader Nikolas Sarkozy. Sophie Meunier, co-director of the EU program at Princeton University, joins Worldview to discuss. Also, the Supreme Court should rule on Arizona's controversial immigration law in June. The law takes effect on July 29 unless  blocked by the Court. Historian Paul Kramer, author of The Blood of Government, explains why a 19th century Supreme Court case involving 22 Chinese immigrants should influence the Court's decision. And on Global Activism, Chicagoan Elizabeth Mhangami, founder of Vanavevhu: Children of the Soil, is back from Zimbabwe and provides an update on her organization's new initiative, "Theory of Change."