Greeks vote against austerity measures

May 7, 2012

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(AP/ Giorgos Nissiotis)
Supporters of the right-wing splinter Independent Greeks party, wave flags during an election rally in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki, Wednesday of last week.

Europe saw a political shake up this weekend when voters went to the polls in France, Serbia and Greece. Greek voters gave a majority to the center-right New Democracy party.  But with only about 19 percent of the vote, they did not win enough seats to take control of parliament. They’ve now got three days to try and form a coalition.

The two parties that were part of the previous coalition government suffered a big loss as voters cast their ballots against austerity measures.  The vote split among at least seven parties, unseating socialists and conservatives that have dominated Greek politics. Voters delivered a clear message, they want a change. We’ll got some analysis from Endy Zemenides executive director of Hellenic-American Leadership Council.