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Peoples Gas Customers to Get Refund

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Peoples Gas customers will be getting a refund in a little over a month.

The Illinois Commerce Commission, the state’s utility monitoring body, approved the settlement, which will give every affected customer a $100 return.

The settlement was hammered out by lawyers for Peoples Gas, the City of Chicago, the Illinois Attorney General and the Citizens Utility Board.

ICC member Robert Lieberman says customers deserve more money, but voting against the settlement could tie up the case for years in court.

“While I am torn about this and the commission is torn about this, I am willing to give the AG, CUB and the city the benefit of the doubt,” Lieberman says. “If they really think this is a good deal, I am willing to go along with it.”

The $207 million settlement will also give money to conservation plans, as well as helping low-income customers re-establish a natural gas connection.

The $100 rebates will be given to customers in two installments over the next year.

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