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Mayor Downplays Security Concerns at Midway

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is downplaying security concerns at Midway Airport.

His comments come after an intoxicated man wandered onto the tarmac Sunday before being apprehended by police.

The FBI says the incident appears to be an isolated event, and the man posed no threat.

Mayor Daley insists he’s confident in the security measures at the airport.

""Well, it’s only one incident,"" Daley says. ""When one incident takes place, you don’t blame the entire field. So, could there be another incident next month? Sure. But it’s one, not 100, 200 -- we’re investigating the way he got on, and that’s it.""

Mayor Daley says adding more security personnel at the airport would not have prevented the incident over the weekend.

The FBI says the 22-year-old man walked through a security gate from the street, possibly while a vehicle was passing through. He has been charged with trespassing and reckless conduct.

The guard on duty is now on administrative leave.

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