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Madigan Alleges Federal Regulators Violated Lobbying Rules

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan says federal regulators met illegally with utility officials before approving a controversial electricity auction.

Madigan says Exelon and ComEd officials violated lobbying rules when they met with members of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Ben Weinberg is in the Attorney General’s office.

He says the regulators’ back room meetings were inappropriate.

“They give the utility a completely unfair leg up in what is supposed to be an orderly legal process,” he says.

Madigan wants the energy commission to void the electricity auction that was approved in December. That auction is expected to raise electricity rates for Illinois customers.

But the energy commission says it is legal, and even common place, for individual regulators to meet with business executives.

An Exelon spokeswoman agrees that the company did nothing wrong by meeting with the energy officials.

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