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Ryan Jury Raise Questions

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Attorneys at the corruption trial of former Illinois Governor George Ryan met with the judge today to discuss two puzzling notes the jury sent her last Thursday.

Their questions alarmed the defense team,who think the jury is, in the words of one attorney, “confused if not misled” by one of the judge’s instructions.

The notes read as if in code. The first one refers to the racketeering counts against Ryan counts 1-10 in the indictment.

It says in part: “Do we skip 2-9 and just go to 10, should all be accounted for. Instructions ambiguous.”

The attorneys and the judge agreed there was one instruction that was confusing.

Ryan attorney Bradley Lerman wondered if jurors not realize they were supposed to rule on each count separately, and the judge sent a note back reminding them to do just that.

The other note asks if the jury should only look at one exhibit for count 14 of the indictment.

Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer said she would tell jurors to consider all the exhibits and testimony.

The jury has decided not to deliberate on Fridays, a day off throughout the trial. They’ll return on Monday.

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