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Chicago Fire Chief Resigns

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“The city of Chicago will now have one person responsible for safety during catastrophes.

Ever since the nine eleven terrorist attacks, the federal government’s pushed cities to draw comprehensive emergency plans.

It’s worried hurricanes or flu pandemics will interrupt critical services like health care and water.

To fill that need, Chicago Richard Mayor Daley announced the new position of Chief Emergency Officer.

Daley says, ""After looking at Katrina, you have to put someone to take responsibility. And for ensuring public safety, you need responsibility.""

He adds, ""You can’t diffuse it and try to look for somebody, you need somebody right there.""

Mayor Daley’s already picked Cortez Trotter to fill the position.

Trotter headed the Chicago Fire Department for the past two years.

Other details about the Strategic Emergency Planning office are fuzzy, though.

There’s no office yet.

There’s no staff.

And Trotter has no firm salary.

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