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Chicago Ukrainians Vote

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Chicago area Ukrainians are awaiting results for that country’s parliamentary elections.

Nearly 3,000 Ukrainians voted, yesterday, at the Ukrainian consulate in downtown Chicago.

Voters had to choose among 40 different parties, and early polling shows the incumbent’s party trailing.

Viktor Yushchenko won the Ukrainian presidency last year through a movement called the Orange Revolution.

But now, early polling shows his party is in third place, as Ukrainians like Vitaliy Kutnyy await official results.

Kutnyy, who was decked out in orange to represent his solidarity with Yushchenko’s party, voted for just his second time ever, yesterday.

He says these elections mean a lot.

Kutnyy says, “My relatives, friends are there, so I mean maybe in the future I’ll go there. And it’s my life. I lived there for 20-and-something years. It’s my native country and it’s my motherland.

Former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych’s party is leading Yushchenko’s.

Analysts have suggested if Yushchenko’s party merged with the second place challenger that coalition could over take the early leader and gain control of parliament.

Officials are expected to finish counting ballots tomorrow.

Chicago has one of the largest Ukrainian populations in the nation.

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