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Chicago City Council Takes Up Immigration Debate

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“Chicago’s City Council is making sure people can continue to receive city services without questions about their immigration status.

The Sensenbrenner bill would make it illegal to help undocumented immigrants get jobs, housing, or other services.

It’s passed in the U.S. House and now Chicago’s City Council is taking a counter-measure.

Wednesday, aldermen ruled that police officers and other city workers would not be bound to enforce any law that might come of the Sensenbrenner bill.

Alderman Billy Ocasio sponsored the ordinance.

What the law does is say that in Chicago we are not going to do the work of the I.N.S. and we will continue to provide services to everyone regardless of whether you are here as a documented person or undocumented person.

Ocasio says Chicago’s counter-measure will strengthen the city’s case if there’s a federal challenge.


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