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NBA, Bulls Return to Leather

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When the Chicago Bulls take on the Phoenix Suns tonight, they’ll be using leather basketballs for the first time this season.

That’s after complaints from some of the league most prominent players - including some in Chicago.

This season, the National Basketball Association introduced balls made of synthetic material; not the genuine leather that had been used for over thirty five years.

The league bragged the new ball would have a better feel and more consistent bounce.

But loud complaints from NBA stars led to a stunning reversal. The league is scrapping the synthetic ball for the old leather one.

Bulls Guard Ben Gordon says his complaints to the players union helped bring about the change.

“In the beginning of the season I noticed that I had cuts all over my hands and fingers, so I’m glad its something we’re changing now,” Gordon says.

Other players also complained of cuts to the hands, like league Most Valuable Player Steve Nash, who brings his Phoenix squad to the United Center tonight.

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