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'100-Hour' Agenda Criticised By Sidelined Republicans

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Illinois Democrats from the 110th Congress are among those pushing the so-called 100-hour legislative agenda.

The agenda is a plan to speed through several bills without admitting any Republican alternatives.

The legislation deals with issues like the minimum wage, stem cell research, legislative ethics and prescription drug prices.

Illinois Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky says those questions have already been thoroughly debated.

“The items on the 100-hour agenda are items that we’ve talked about for a long time. We know that there is bipartisan support for raising the minimum wage...and stem cell research...we want to make another go at that. The president vetoed it and we hope he won’t this time. None of these are new issues,” she says.

Critics of the 100-hour agenda have questioned whether it contradicts the Democrats’ promise to change the heavy-handed tone in Congress.

Though the 110th Congress convenes for the first time tomorrow, the 100 hours will begin on Tuesday.

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