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Daley Resurrects Gun Legislation

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is again pushing statewide gun reform legislation. Daley typically makes the move at the beginning of the year. The mayor made his announcement yesterday surrounded by families of gun victims.

Denise Reed’s daughter died when her neighborhood was sprayed with bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle.

“We are praying that from our pain there will be a victory that comes forth. That our babies did not die in vain. That out of death there will be life, and someone will be spared in 2007 because we will use common sense,” Reed said.

Daley says assault weapons need to be banned, gun dealers should be licensed and handgun purchases should be limited.

Daley was also joined by several state legislators who say the bill will have a better shot at passing now that Democrats have more of a majority in Springfield.

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