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Chicago Bank Robberies Break Local Record

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation reports 2006 was a banner year for Chicago bank thieves.

Robbers netted almost four million dollars after 284 holdups.

The Illinois Bank Association reports the industry is responding with better security cameras and other high-tech gear; however, spokesperson Debbie Jemison says they’re also trying prevention.

“Another thing that banks in the Chicago area have instituted is a no hats, no hoods, no sunglasses program,” Jemison says. “Although that may be somewhat of a small inconvenience to the customers, we’re seeing customers don’t mind that inconvenience and see how important the safety part of that is.”

One banking company reports the no-hats rule cut robberies by forty percent in its Missouri locations.

Chicago’s upward tick actually bucks the nationwide trend: the U.S. saw an eighteen percent drop in bank robberies since 2001.

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