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Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman Charged with Corruption

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A Chicago alderman was arrested today for allegedly accepting bribes.

In once instance, 20th ward Alderman Arenda Troutman is accused of taking $5,000 from a fictitious private developer.

In return for the money, Troutman allegedly agreed to help the bogus developer get zoning changes and alley access for a proposed development in her South Side ward.

The FBI’s Robert Grant says Troutman’s actions illustrate an abuse of aldermanic power.

“I know this is city with a colorful history. But what umps out at you when you read this complaint, and the details, are the ease and the power which aldermanic positions are able to effect business in Chicago, with a single letter, a single endorsement,” Grant says.

Troutman was released on bond set at $10,000 after an initial appearance in federal court today.

Troutman does not have to resign as alderman while answering the charges against her, but would lose her City Council seat if she is

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