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McDonald's Remixes Coffee

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The country’s largest fast food chain is changing its coffee, but not in the U.S..

Oak Brook-based McDonald’s retooled its coffee to compete with the rise of coffee houses like Starbucks. And now, in the United Kingdom and Ireland the fast food giant will buy only environmentally and worker-friendly coffee.

The nonprofit Rainforest Alliance says McDonald’s will serve the new beans in 1,200 of its UK stores.

Sabrina Vigilante with the Alliance says, “Given the scale of the their effort and their commitment, there’s a great impact on the land use side in terms of protecting wildlife, natural resources and helping farmers improve their quality of life and increase their income.”

The Alliance investigates coffee farms and then approves them as environmentally and worker-friendly.

Vigilante says the group is not putting pressure on McDonald’s to buy the same coffee in the United States, but she says it would be a good idea.

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