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Indiana Lawmaker Lands Super Bowl Tickets

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Tickets to the Super Bowl are hard to come by, right?

Not if you’re an Indiana lawmaker or another government official.

That’s because the Super Bowl-bound Indianapolis Colts offered all 150 lawmakers two tickets to the big game in Miami against the Bears.

In fact, of the 13-thousand Super Bowl tickets allotted to the Colts, about 450 have been set aside for politicians around the state, including Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels and Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson.

Each ticket is offered at face value; 600-dollars. However, the ticket cannot be sold or given to someone else.

A number of legislators from Northwest Indiana accepted the deal, including state Representative Mara Reardon of Munster.

Reardon says she’s going to the Super Bowl thanks to the Colts, but will be cheering on the Bears.

From the Northwest Indiana Bureau, I’m Michael Puente, Chicago Public Radio.

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