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Rally a Boon for Downtown Business?

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Today’s immigration could affect local businesses.

Chicago Public Radio’s Shawn Allee asked restaurants along Jackson Boulevard whether they prepared for marchers just yards from their doors.


If anyone would benefit, I thought Chicken Planet would.

The restaurant’s grill beckons with the aroma of crackling, whole chickens.

Allee: Are you putting extra birds on there today?

Moin: Not really. I just found out yesterday when it was too late.

Manager Abid Moin says even if he had known, he wouldn’t have cooked more anyway.

He didn’t get more business during last year’s march.

Allee: People hungry?

Moin: It was good, but for a business-wise, it was OK for me, but not an exciting thing.

But, Moin says he won’t be disappointed.

The rally is food for thought, regardless of what side you take.

Moin: If they don’t protest, nobody knows, everything looks quiet and everything’s running smooth, you know what I mean?

Protestors should pass Chicken Planet late this afternoon.

I’m Shawn Allee.

Chicago Public Radio.

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