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A Family Affair At Immigration Rally

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Some estimates put yesterday’s immigration reform march at 150,000 people.

More than a few made it a family affair. Chicago Public Radio’s Michael Puente reports.

Tuesday’s march at Grant Park was serious business. Demonstrators rallied for the legalization of millions of undocumented immigrants.

But for one-year-old Maggy Unselta, it was just a day to enjoy an ice cream cone with her mom at the park.

Veronica Unselta of Chicago says she came out with her daughter to honor families torn apart by deportation.

UNSELTA: “And that’s why I’m here: To support all the people and all the people that are in the same situation.

Christina Almazan attended the rally with her two sons, her father, brother and an uncle.

ALMAZAN: “Many families are being separated because maybe the mother was born in Mexico and the children were born in the U.S. and the mother doesn’t have the papers fixed so they’re sending her back. That’s no way to keep a family. If you come alone that’s fine, if you can come as family, that’s awesome. We’re pretty fortunate to come as the Almazan family together.”

Almazan says she hopes reform comes soon.

I’m Michael Puente. Chicago Public Radio.

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