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Forestry Experts Hunt Tree-Killing Insect

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Forestry experts are surveying ash trees in Illinois just as a tree-killing insect begins its mating season later this month. The tiny metallic emerald ash borer feeds on the nutrients ash trees need to survive. Emerald ash borers usually spread through the transportation of infested firewood.

Mark Cinnamon is with the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

CINNAMON: We know that emerald ash borer has been in Illinois for six years, possibly seven. We know that there’s, you know, approximately 9.5 million people in this seven county metropolitan area and they’ve probably been moving the pest around the area.

Cinnamon expects to find many more infested trees. So far the state has removed about three hundred affected ash trees. The state has quarantined wood in some counties to stop the spread of the beetle.

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