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School Safety in Indiana

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Indiana officials want to make sure college students are protected while on-campus.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security, or IDHS, met yesterday to help educators assess their readiness for emergencies.

Eric Dietz is director of IDHS.

DIETZ: The Virginia Tech incident did – did prompt everybody to go find their plans and to take a look at it. What we really want to do is make sure that these things become more practiced, and more familiar to all the officials that might have to actually implement them if we ever need to.

Dietz says Homeland Security requires K through 12 schools to submit crisis plans.

But those plans aren’t required for colleges and universities.

Dietz says his department plans to create a model program for campus safety.

He says a law enforcement database is being expanded.

The broader database is intended to link authorities state-wide with one another and with schools.

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