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Top Dem Blasts Bush

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U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lashed out at the president for threatening to veto new hate crime legislation. Chicago Public Radio’s Gabriel Spitzer reports.

The bill would expand the definition of a federal hate crime to include attacks based on gender and sexual orientation.

The veto threat came even before the House passed the measure Thursday.

Appearing at an event in Chicago called the Ultimate Women’s Power Lunch, Speaker Pelosi said she hopes the veto warning won’t translate into action.

PELOSI: What we’re talking about is discrimination acted upon by violence. Who could be against expanding the law to include gender equity, gay and lesbian people, in that legislation?

Some Republicans say they fear the bill could limit free speech. Others object to all hate crime legislation on the grounds that it treats some victims differently from others.

The Senate is considering a similar bill.

I’m Gabriel Spitzer, Chicago Public Radio.

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