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Westside Neighborhoods Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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Vendors selling tacos, elotes and souvenirs were setting up their booths Friday in Plaza Garabaldi for the party hosted by the Little Village Chamber of Commerce.

The Cinco de Mayo festivities, including music and a traditional Mexican rodeo, started Friday night and will continue through Sunday.

Jose Maria Gutierrez is with the Chamber.

GUTIERREZ: It’s a time to enjoy being Mexican since we are a big minority in this state.

But Gutierrez says some Americans confuse Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Independence Day.

GUTIERREZ: It’s actually not. It’s one of our battles that we won in Mexico, and then consequently we got beat... 30 days later by the French, so it’s really not an independence day.

The Cermak Chamber of Commerce is also hosting a carnival in Douglas Park, culminating with a Cermak Avenue parade on Sunday at noon.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Miriam Gottfried.

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