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U.S. Senate: No Coal for Gas Tanks

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U.S. Senators are debating the future of what goes into our gas tanks. One of Illinois’ important natural resources is not making the cut. Chicago Public Radio’s Shawn Allee reports, one Illinois legislator says that’s fine with him.


Most ethanol’s made from corn, so it’s little wonder Corn Belt senators are gunning for more ethanol.

On the other hand, coal-producing states want coal turned into a liquid, and have cars run on that.

Coal is losing out right now.

Illinois produces both corn and coal, but Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says he prefers ethanol.

He worries coal-based cars could too much greenhouse gas.

Durbin: Everyone of those sources has to be measured against our responsibility, which is the environment. So, before I’ll endorse any alternatives beyond ethanol or biodiesel, I want to carefully consider whether they meet those goals.

Senate Democrats hope to finish energy legislation by Memorial Day.

A final version will likely include mandates to boost ethanol production.

I’m Shawn Allee.

Chicago Public Radio.

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