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Conrad Black's Former Partner Testifies Against Him

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Conrad Black’s former business partner, David Radler, was back on the witness stand today at Black’s trial in Chicago. Radler has already pleaded guilty to some of the charges Black is facing, which relate to their former media company.Hollinger International owned the Chicago Sun Times and hundreds of other publications. Prosecutors say Black and others skimmed more than 80 million dollars from Hollinger shareholders. Chicago Public Radio’s Diantha Parker reports.

Today Radler acknowledged he helped transfer millions of dollars from Hollinger International to Black’s smaller Toronto-based company. That money was from standard non-compete agreements--once buyers bought Hollinger newspapers, they paid Hollinger not to start papers in the same areas. Prosecutors want Radler’s testimony to show that Black signed off on every business decision he made. But defense attorneys are looking to limit and refute any testimony that suggests the men were close. They maintain Radler acted alone and that Black is innocent. I’m Diantha Parker, Chicago Public Radio.

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