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Northwest Indiana Voters Head To Polls

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It’s primary day in Indiana.

In Northwest Indiana, which is heavily Democratic, mayoral primaries often determine who’ll be mayor after November’s general election.

Chicago Public Radio’s Michael Puente reports.

Whoever wins in today’s primary for mayor in Gary is likely to face pressure to attract more businesses to the struggling steel town, and to reduce crime and property taxes.

It’s a tall order for a city that’s trying to rebuild itself after years of decline. The Gary airport is still seen as a viable economic engine, but right now, it’s like a duck that can’t swim.

In neighboring East Chicago, residents are trying to redefine their town after three decades of the same mayor.

Improving public education has been a common theme among candidates, although there’s not a lot of agreement about how to accomplish it.

Farther south in Crown Point, one of the few hot spots in Northwest Indiana for Republicans, voters could give the nomination to a woman for the first time.

Polls close at 6 this evening.

I’m Michael Puente. Chicago Public Radio.

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