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Radler Takes Stand in Black Trial

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The prosecution’s star witness will return to the stand today at the trial of embattled media executive Conrad Black.

David Radler was Black’s second in command at Hollinger International, and managed many of the company’s newspapers, including the Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago Public Radio’s Diantha Parker reports.


Radler has already pleaded guilty to the kinds of charges Black and the other three defendants are facing, and will be sentenced after the trial.

Prosecutors say Black cheated Hollinger shareholders out of more than $80 million, skimmed from the sales of newspapers.

Until now, the defense has tried to pin all the wrongdoing on Radler.

But yesterday, prosecutors had Radler outline his history with Black, going back to the late 1960s. .

As twenty-somethings, their first venture was buying the one English language newspaper in a mainly French-speaking town in Quebec.

The jury has already heard from other witnesses that later, at the head of their newspaper empire, they always seemed in sync.

Radler said he always discussed company strategy and money matters with Black, and never made a financial decisions without his input.

I’m Diantha Parker, Chicago Public Radio.

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