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Money Trouble at Cook County's Detention Center

Cook County officials have performed a financial audit of the Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. And they’ve come up with some surprising results. Chicago Public Radio’s Sonari Glinton has more.

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger released an audit of the financial operations of the Juvenile Detention Center.

The County Auditor says no significant financial controls were in place at the center.

That could have allowed employees at the center to steal goods or supplies.

In the past, money has been just one of the center’s problems.

The other more prominent troubles have included mismanagement of services, abuse of detainees...and an overall unsafe environment for the kids.

When asked if the county had investigated theft or misuse of the center’s finances President Todd Stroger said, “no.”

He said the county didn’t employ enough auditors to ferret out past wrong-doing.

Stroger did say his office would institute reforms that would put in place financial controls.

I’m Sonari Glinton Chicago Public Radio

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