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A Slightly Slimmer CTA

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The new head of the Chicago Transit Authority announced a round of layoffs and other cuts today. He called it a first step toward reducing costs. Chicago Public Radio’s Gabriel Spitzer reports.

The cuts will save the CTA some money – about $12.5 million, according to President Ron Huberman. But more important, they’re supposed to impress the General Assembly.

The savings represent just a small portion of the agency’s $110 million shortfall. The real solution, says Huberman, must come from Springfield.

And he acknowledged that lawmakers may want to see even more belt-tightening before they write a check.

HUBERMAN: Far more needs to be done in the weeks and months ahead to reduce administrative spending, and improve management if we are to build credibility in Springfield, while providing the services that the people of Chicago deserve.

Transit officials say they’ll cut 49 management and administrative jobs, only 18 of which are currently filled.

The agency also plans to reduce overtime, travel and advertising. Huberman insists that the cuts will not directly affect service.

I’m Gabriel Spitzer, Chicago Public Radio.

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