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Cross Examination Continues for Black's Second In Command

Defense attorneys will continue their cross examination of former Hollinger International executive David Radler today at the trial of his former boss, Conrad Black. Black is charged with stealing more than 80 million dollars from company shareholders. Radler is is considered the prosecution’s star witness. He’s already pled guilty to similar charges in exchange for a reduced sentence. Chicago Public Radio’s Diantha Parker reports.

This will be Radler’s fourth day of questions from Edward Greenspan, Black’s main attorney. Greenspan spent several minutes last week asking Radler if he lied about payments he knew were illegal. He asked repeatedly why and how many times he lied. He finally got Radler to say he lied to prosecutors, the Hollinger board of directors, federal officials and even his own lawyers. Radler has been testy and argumentative with Greenspan, who seemed to get irritated. He asked kept asking Radler if he lied to protect himself, but Radler kept answering “myself and others” or “myself and my associates.” The defense only wants Radler to answer for himself, and leave Black and the other defendants out of it.

I’m Diantha Parker, Chicago Public Radio.

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