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New Lake County Parish

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The Archdiocese of Chicago is opening a new parish this summer – the first since 1999.

The Lake County parish will take the overflow of two nearby congregations.

Those parishes have grown beyond capacity because of booming development.

Until a new church is built, services will be held in a barn.

Pastor John Jamnicky says that’s fitting.

JAMNICKY: You know, a barn is not bad, that’s where Jesus started out. So what the heck, you know, to go to church in a barn – look at the three kings came there, and the shepherds, and everyone to go to church in the barn originally with Jesus.

Jamnicky was chaplain at Chicago’s O’Hare airport for almost 20 years.

He says his experience with travelers is why he recommended naming the new parish St. Raphael’s, after the patron saint of travelers.

St. Raphael’s will open this summer.

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