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IOC Extinguishes Chicago's Torch Logo

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The International Olympic Committee is telling Chicago to extinguish its torch-themed logo. The logo apparently runs afoul of rules that protect Olympic imagery.

Bid cities aren’t allowed to depict the torch, the Olympic rings or the word “Olympics,” among other things.

Chicago 20-16 spokesman Patrick Sandusky says the change actually came at the right time for the bid committee.

SANDUSKY : We don’t have any T-Shirts right now. We don’t have any hats, we don’t have any new billboards that we’re creating, so we don’t have to create a whole bunch of new things, if you will, as if we might have if this had happened six months ago or six later months from now. So the timing’s actually pretty good for us.

Chicago ‘s logo featured a torch flame in the shape of the city’s skyline, mirrored in blue, evoking Lake Michigan .

Sandusky says the city has until mid-September to come up with a new logo.

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