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Daley Optimistic on State Funds

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Chicago Mayor Richard Daley says he’s optimistic state lawmakers can work out a spending plan for state programs, including education.

The mayor visited Springfield, Wednesday, to lobby legislators to work it out.

For Chicago Public Radio, Alex Helmick reports.


Daley’s concerned about a stalemate in Springfield over spending.

DALEY You can’t run a state education system statewide without basically funding.

The Illinois House rejected a spending plan earlier this year, proposed by Governor Rod Blagojevich, that would have raised taxes on businesses.

DALEY You know at certain times personalities get involved, egos get involved you see that all the time.

And despite frosty relations between state leaders and lawmakers, Daley says he’s confident they’ll take care of business.

DALEY I think I was encouraged. I think they all understand, you know, what they have to do.

Lawmakers are looking at different ways to raise money, including building a new casino, leasing the state’s lottery or increasing sales and income taxes.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Alex Helmick.

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