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Local Leaders Call for Homeowner Tax Relief

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Religious leaders delivered thousands of postcards from homeowners to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Chicago office this morning.

Many homeowners are afraid their property taxes are going to go up astronomically - unless the House renews a Cook County property assessment cap that expires in Chicago this fall.

Lucio Guerrero is a spokesperson for the Cook County Assessor’s office, which is lobbying for the bill.

GUERRERO: If it doesn’t pass in the fall, people better start saving, because tax bills are going to be significantly higher. I mean, you’re talking increases of triple-digits when people’s salaries don’t increase that much. What you’re finding is long-term homeowners who don’t want to move, they can’t afford to pay taxes on those homes anymore. And that’s what’s going to hurt them.”

Advocates want Madigan to support renewing the cap.

The bill passed the Senate, and has been sitting in committee in the House since February.

Madigan’s office says the Speaker supports the bill, but wants to make sure the program doesn’t benefit wealthier homeowners.

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