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Trustees Raise Tuition, Fees at U of I

SHARE Trustees Raise Tuition, Fees at U of I

Tuition and fees will go up by an average of about eleven percent at U of I’s three campuses.

That adds up to about four hundred more dollars a semester for a U of I student in Chicago.

But Trustee Robert Sperling says if the state doesn’t provide the funding the Board wants, the increase won’t be enough to keep good faculty.

SPERLING: In my opinion, our realistic needs will cause us to have to give raises to faculty in excess of what you’re expecting, President White. And I am very concerned: If we don’t get that state money, where are we?

U of I is budgeting for about $13 million from the state general revenue fund.

The university won’t know exactly how much it will receive until the state legislature passes a budget.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Miriam Gottfried.

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