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Nanako Umemoto

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Nanako Umemoto


Nanako Umemoto is an internationally recognized architect who has received a ton of buzz for her ambitious project, the o-14 building - Dubai, which just broke ground in February 2007. Born in Kyoto, Japan, Nanako Umemoto has been practicing architecture with Jesse Reiser in New York City since 1996. Reiser + Umemoto is an internationally recognized architecture firm that has built projects at a wide range of scales: furniture design, residential and commercial sculptures, and landscape design and infrastructure. The Leah and Ralph Wanger Lecture Series on Contemporary Architecture is made possible through a generous gift to the Chicago Contemporary Campaign. This event is copresented with Chicago Women in Architecture.

Some of today’s most innovative artists, designers, and thinkers explore contemporary art and design through stories about their experiences and careers. The Museum of Contemporary Art’s People Who Shape our World spring lecture series presents perspectives from visual artist Vik Muniz, Village Voice art critic Jerry Saltz, architect Nanako Umemoto, and graphic designer Geoff McFetridge. Each lecture provides an opportunity to learn about how contemporary art practices enrich each person’s work, and is archived as a part of this online collection:

Vik Muniz
Jerry Saltz
Nanako Umemoto
Geoff McFetridge


Recorded Saturday, May 19, 2007 at Museum of Contemporary Art.

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