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The Cicada Invasion

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The Cicada Invasion

They’re heeeeeeeeeeeeere. Yes, you guessed it. The periodical cicadas are back. Well, almost.

Tomorrow’s the day they’re expected to start arriving en masse after 17 years underground. They won’t be making much noise for at least a week. But soon enough you’ll hear these sounds in wooded areas throughout much of the region.

The return of the 17 year cicada is one of nature’s great mysteries and it’s a source of tremendous fascination for many. In preparation for their return this week, we headed to Fullersburg Woods in Southeast DuPage County to get the lowdown on the bugs from naturalist Carl Strang, who says if you look closely enough, you can already find some signs of their return. But he says the first step to understanding the periodical cicada is to understand what you’re looking for.

Special thanks to the University of Michigan Zoology Department for the sounds of periodical cicadas.

For more on cicadas, visit the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County.

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