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South-Side Chicago Bank Heist

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Chicago police say they’re looking for three suspects who allegedly shot three people during a robbery at a south-side bank this morning.

Cynthia Yates with the F-B-I says her agency tracks bank robberies.

She says investigations often lead to arrests.

YATES: It’s usually between 65 and 75 percent. But you have to take into account that for example there are serial robbers – like the Wheaton Bandit, who’s responsible for 16 bank robberies. If we were to catch him, our solution rate would skyrocket.

Yates says there have been 94 bank robberies in the Chicago area so far this year.

That’s 13 less than the same time last year.

She says it’s unusual for weapons to be involved in bank robberies.

The F-B-I is offering a 50-thousand dollar reward for information that helps catch the suspects in today’s bank robbery.

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