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Blagojevich Campaign Reportedly Subpoenaed

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Federal investigators have reportedly subpoenaed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s campaign for records.

The revelations are now the latest wrinkle in the on-going investigation into Blagojevich and his administration.

Chicago Public Radio’s Ben Calhoun reports.

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Word of the development had been circulating for several days.

But today, citing unnamed law enforcement sources, the Chicago Tribune reported the Blagojevich campaign had in fact been subpoenaed for records.

Following the news, Blagojevich and his office have not returned calls for comment.

Chicago Alderman Dick Mell, the governor’s father in-law, also was mum when asked about the report.

MELL: I have no comment on that subject.

Mell wouldn’t even say if he was surprised.

MELL: I have no comment on that subject.

In the past, Blagojevich has refused to discuss or release information about subpoenas related to the federal investigation into his administration.

The governor is having trouble passing some ambitious plans through the state legislature.

There are now questions about whether this news will make that even harder.

I’m Ben Calhoun, Chicago Public Radio

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