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Conrad Black's Trial Wraps 10th Week

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Former Hollinger International chief Conrad Black’s trial ended its 10th week Thursday. Black and three others are accused of skimming millions of dollars from shareholders. Hollinger owned the Chicago Sun Times and hundreds of other publications. Chicago Public Radio’s Diantha Parker reports.

Attorneys for all parties finished up with Patrick Healy, Hollinger’s former investor relations chief. Some of his testimony dealt with shareholders’ annoyance at Black’s expensive lifestyle, including the New York City corporate apartment he bought from Hollinger in 2000. Black paid 3 million dollars for it---the same price Hollinger did 6 years earlier. Earlier, Healy told the jury he lied on a memo to justify Black’s price. He’s testifying on condition of immunity. Later, a former Hollinger Inc. security guard testified about 13 document boxes Black’s secretary asked him to put in her car in 2005. As he spoke, the slightly battered boxes sat on a cart next to the jury. I’m Diantha Parker, Chicago Public Radio.

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