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Durbin on Iraq War Funding

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Durbin says Senate democrats are frustrated by the White House’s refusal to pull troops from Iraq, but he says the troops need the money so he voted for measure.

Illinois’ other senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama voted against it.

Durbin addressed that earlier today.

Durbin: Barack and I had a long talk about this. This was not an easy decision for either one of us.

Durbin says Obama told him he voted against the bill because it didn’t have a timetable.

Durbin: My position is a little different. I oppose this war, but I have asked for every single penny this administration has asked for for the soldiers. This is not their foreign policy debate. They’re doing their duty. It is our foreign policy debate and they shouldn’t be caught in the middle.

Both Illinois Senators say they want the troops out of Iraq immediately, and Durbin says Congressional Democrats will continue to fight for a withdrawal.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Alex Helmick.

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