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CTA Chief to Make Case for Cuts

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Chicago Transit Authority President Ron Huberman is expected to present his massive cutback plan to the Transit Board on Tuesday.

The plan includes 63 bus route cuts and eliminating the Yellow Line and Purple Line Express.

Huberman’s plan also calls for fare hikes as much as a $1.25.

He explained his plan last week.

Huberman: We’re putting fewer trains and fewer busses out there. So we’re going to be shelving the older equipment that costs us a lot of money and utilizing newer equipment that we have to run on the routes we are operating.

The CTA has a $97.5 million shortfall.

Huberman says the plan will be off the table if lawmakers come through with the funds.

The CTA board will hold a series of public hearings before it votes on the plan.

Public Hearings are scheduled for June 5th, 6th, 11th and 13th.

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