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Another Proposal For Evanston Skyscraper

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Another Proposal For Evanston Skyscraper

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A second proposal has emerged to build a skyscraper in downtown Evanston. Both proposals are part of the north suburb’s downtown redevelopment plan.

For Chicago Public Radio, Alex Helmick reports.


In early May, a group proposed building a 523 foot high building in Evanston’s downtown. Tuesday night, a different group offered a 421 foot building at the same location --on Church Street between Sherman and Orrington Avenues.

The hot spot is in Alderman Cheryl Wollin’s 1st ward.

She says she’s keeping an open mind on both plans and pushing for something to happen.

Wollin: Well I do think we need a downtown vision for the entire downtown and this is a real core center of the downtown area, so they’ll be some redevelopment on that block that’s what I say. Now, what kind? How tall? That’s all up for grabs.

Wollin says the process is a slow one. It could take a year before the city will vote on either idea.

The Evanston City Council will have a June 7 event to release details of both proposals and to update the progress of the city’s overall redevelopment plans.

For Chicago Public Radio, I’m Alex Helmick.

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